Reflection #1

download (2).jpgIt’s been a rough start for me for this journey. My first meeting with Dr. Zamora brought a lot to the surface. These things were already in my mind but I just had to actually understand reasons why I am doing everything I’m doing and understanding more of why I write.

In terms of the free writing, i’m completely enjoying these. I have all the ideas inside me but I just have to actually sit down and write them all at once. I have to let them just flow through to me. I have a lot of free time yet other things come up a lot of the times. There’s always some sort of stumbling block that comes out of nowhere.  Sometimes days go by and other projects come up and then I lose the passion that I was experiencing. I’m having a little trouble prioritizing my work because once I have a fun assignment for another class I’m more likely to focus on that and delay other work.

Recently, the internet at home was taken at home. If it was my choice it would still be in. This will make it a little harder for me to blog and reflect on my journey when I would like to.

Hoping that the rest of the semester is so much better than it is now. 🙏🙏


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