Reflection 4-Randomness


tumblr_nuxzyhQomF1re3kvuo1_500.jpgI look around my campus this semester as I did last semester. So many unfamiliar faces and very few familiar ones. I remember the many different things I experienced on campus. All of the different students and professors seem like a distant memory and I ponder on how life moves in this particular course. I don’t know how I could ever get used to this but they say that life goes on.

Last semester I learned what could and doesn’t work for me in grad school and I’ve been trying to apply all that I learned in this current semester that I’m in right now. It’s really amazing to be nearing the point of actually graduating with my Master’s degree. I will be honest I am getting very paranoid about not finishing my thesis in time but I always think of extreme worst case scenarios. I’m really enjoying this thesis reflection journey. I’m really hoping that what I write will be beneficial to the world as a whole and that many will be able to learn from what I write. I’m wildly thinking that maybe just maybe my thesis will change the world.

The lists I created this week  were done not long after they were assigned. I just had to take the time to reflect on this experience and gathering extra information that comes up. I’m  very eager to actually write my thesis.


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